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Our Favorite Games II: Star Fox

Posted by ptcgaming on March 31, 2009


Platform: Super NES Released: 1993

“Star Fox” pushed the envelope in the 16-bit age. Console video games weren’t known for their 3D capability. In fact, the Super NES console couldn’t handle a game so complex. So what do you do to fix the problem? Well, you build custom hardware into the cartridge, of course!

Thus, the Super FX chip was born. This powerful microprocessor, the first 3D graphics accelerator readily available for home console use, was built into “Star Fox’s” cartridge.

“Star Fox” was developed by Nintendo EAD and Argonaut Software. Shigeru Miyamoto, father of “Donkey Kong,” “Mario” and “Zelda,” was one of the game’s main designers. It was a 3D space shooter (Nintendo’s first 3D game ever) with a third-person perspective. You navigated your Airwing through several levels, and the difficulty was determined by the path you chose. In the game, which takes place in the Lylat system, Andross has attacked Corneria, and you control Fox McCloud in an attempt to thwart Andross and his army. “Star Fox” has seen its share of sequels made for later Nintendo consoles, even finding itself on the DS, where online play was an option.


2 Responses to “Our Favorite Games II: Star Fox”

  1. […] Star Fox for the Super NES pushed the envelope for home console gaming (For more on that. click here). So, Shigeru Miyamoto decided to push the envelope with Star Fox again, this time on the Nintendo […]

  2. Thomas said

    Nice review and site, really enjoyed reading it. However, this bit of information isn’t entirely correct: “It was a 3D space shooter (Nintendo’s first 3D game ever) with a third-person perspective.”

    Firstly, it was not truly 3D because the Super Nintendo wasn’t capable of doing 3D stuff like the Nintendo 64. Secondly, it’s not always in third-person perspective. In some of the later levels you get to sit in the cockpit of your Airwing. In the European version, that is.

    Anyway, great game with loads of fun !

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