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Retro Game Review: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Posted by ptcgaming on June 21, 2008

Screenshot taken from somewhere online. Seriously, there’s like a thousand Web sites with screenshots of this game on it.

System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Released: 1987
Developer: Nintendo

Background: Even though its big character draw was replaced with “Mr. Dream,” “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” remains one of the most popular games to ever grace the NES. The game is somewhat of an arcade port, but your arcade character has been replaced with Little Mac, who teams up with Doc, his trainer, to fight his way to the top. The game features memorable fighters such as Glass Joe, King Hippo and Bald Bull, among others, each with their own fighting styles.

Graphics: 5/5
For being released in the earlier days of the NES, the graphics are top notch. They eclipse the graphics of earlier releases such as Super Mario Bros., Metroid and Pro Wrestling. None of those games showed off their player’s or opponent’s muscle definition like “Punch-Out!!” did (Check out how ripped Iron Mike is!). The color combinations are easy on the eyes, and all of the fans in the seats actually have faces! Side note: This game is so detailed you can see the part in Mike Tyson’s hair, too.

Sound: 3/5
Mario, who guest stars as the referee, doesn’t speak except through comic bubbles. The majority of the sounds, with the exception of the background, cut scene and entrance music, are pretty limited when fighting. There’s only a handful of sounds shared by all fighters.

Controls: 5/5
It literally takes about 30 seconds to learn how to play this game. A throws a right punch, B throws a left punch, up throws and uppercut and select is for your super-duper-knockdown punch. Press down to block and there you go, you’ve learned the control scheme. Just remember to move left and right to dodge.

Gameplay: 3/5
This game is fun and still addictive more than 20 years later. But while every other fighter does something special, Mac is pretty much limited to a handful of punches. You stand in place the entire game, as opposed to another NES boxing release, “Ring King.” Another downer is this game is for one player only. Imagine how awesome it would be to pit Bald Bull vs. Super Macho Man!

Overall: 4/5
This game remains an NES classic, and a hard one to find at that. Many people you find selling it want a nice chunk of change for it. But if this is a game you cherish more than ice cream and pie, it may be worth the price. 007-373-5963


One Response to “Retro Game Review: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!”

  1. I Read Comic Books said

    I could never get past the third guy…but I never owned it I only played it at my cousins house they had the original version before Tyson sued NES.

    – Kevin

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